May 6, 2019

Independence Motor Speedway/Season Opener

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
May 4, 2019
Brandon Tharp

Brayton Boyer

Brennen Chipp

Brett Vanous of Quasqueton, IA, won a hard-fought IMCA Hobby Stock contest.

Brett Vanous makes the outside pass on Leah Wroten #14C for the lead.

Brett Vanous

Colt Mather

Curt Martin #45 and Dalton Simonsen #60

Dalton Simonsen #50 and Ben Seeman #60

Dan Trimble

Danny Dvorak

Ed Thomas

Eric Polland

Ryan Clark and racing legend Gary Crawford smile for the camera.

Gary Ollendieck #18S and Luke Bird #88
Hannah Chesmore

Jarod Weepie of Dunkerton, IA, explains to announcer Jerry Mackey how he won the IMCA Stock Car feature.

Jeff Aikey of Cedar Falls, IA, became the 34th different opening night winner in the IMCA Modified division at Independence.  

Jeremiah Hurst

Jeremy James

Kip Siems #16 and Nate Smith #19B

Kyle Olson

Greg Kastli #73 and Logan Duffy #14

Matt Ryan

Norman Chesmore #15 and Jason Hocken #3JR

Jeff Aikey #77 and Patrick Flanagan #F& battle early on.

Rod McDonald

Russ Olson of Cedar Rapids, IA, won his very first Micro Mod feature.

Ryan Dolan #1D and Matt Ryan #07

Scott Hogan

Sean Johnson

Terry Neal of Ely, IA, was dominant in the IMCA Late Model feature.

Terry Neal

Tom Schmitt

Tony Olson of Cedar Rapids, IA, scored the victory in the IMCA SportMod feature.

Tony Olson
Troy Cordes #71C and Ron Laurtizen #10K
Tyler Ollendieck