May 27, 2017

Marshalltown Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
May 26, 2017
Austin Bishop

Ben Seeman

Cayden Carter won the IMCA Modified main event

Curt Schroeder

Damon Murty took IMCA Stock Car top honors

Darrel DeFrance

Dave Atcher

David Brandies

Donovan Smith

Doug McCollough

Doug Smith was impressive in winning the IMCA SportMod A-main

Jay Schmidt takes the IMCA Stock Cars three-wide during heat action

Jeff Mueller

Jeff Wollam
Jesse Hoeft

Joel Rust

Jake Strayer

Kevin Yearington

Kyle Hinrichs #15 and Pau Nagle #05

Racer Hulin

Richie Gustin

Rob Toland

Ronn Lauritzen #10K and Derek Reimer #17R

Ryan Griffith #15X and Andy Nezworski #7

Sam Wieben

Scott Fitzpatrick

Shannon Anderson #78 and Luke Bird #88

Shawn Cooney

Shawn Ritter

Skylar Hunter won the Micro-Sprint feature

Taylor Musselman#13TM and Tom Rawlins #T17

Thomas Egenberber

Arizona's Tim Ward

Todd Inman

Todd Reitzler #222R and Kyle Everts #2K

Todd Shute #5 leads a three-wide parade

Tyler Bruening

Tyler Soppe