April 12, 2015

West Liberty Raceway - Deery Bros. Summer Series

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 11, 2015
Justin Kay won the Deery Brothers Summer Series 40-lapper at West Liberty Raceway on Saturday night. Flagman Grant Oskvig presents the checkers.
Four-wide salute to the fans

Brian Harris (15r) and Jason Rauen (98)

Andy Nezworski (7) and Ron Boyse (74)

Johnathan Brauns (22b) and Justin Kay (15k)

Nebraska's Cory Zeitner secured a top-10 finish

Colby Springsteen (38) and Jeff Aikey (77)

Andy Eckrich (56) and Ron Boyse (74)

Brian Harris (15k) and Jeff Tharp (10t)

Justin Kay (15k) and Jeff Aikey (77)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Justin Kay (15k)

Brian Harris (15r) and Johnathan Brauns (22b)

Scott Fitzpatrick made an impressive run to finish in the runner-up spot

Davenport Speedway - Rebel 5K

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 10, 2015
Justin Kay of Wheatland, IA, took home the $5,000 winner's share after a decisive victory at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on Friday night.
Rob Moss (1m), Joel Callahan (40), and Kevin Kile (88)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Justin Kay (15k)

Matt Ryan (07) and Curt Martin (45)

Denny Eckrich (50) and Ray Guss Jr. (58)

Joe Zrostlik (50z) and Justin Kay (15k)

Matt Ryan (07) and Justin Kay (15k)

Tyler Droste 31) and Jason Rauen (98)

Todd Malmstrom (75m) and Andy Nezworski (7)

Andy Eckrich (56) and Andy Nezworski (7)

Nate Bruening (46), Richie Gustin (19g), and Jeff Aikey (77)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Jason Rauen (98)

Curt Martin (45) and Ray Guss Jr. (58)

April 5, 2015

Rockford Speedway - WXRW Stone & Double T Enduro

Photos Courtesy of Jim Ambruoso
April 4, 2015
Young 13-year-old Derek Kraus shakes down his truck as he readies his equipment for next week Spring Classic at Rockford Speedway.

Denna Chandler # 6D, Machesney Park, IL races side by side with fellow competitor during her practice session for NASCAR Sportsmen type cars. 

The skid marks from a blown right front tire tells the story as to what Justin Pearson #19 Belvidere, IL as he hits the turn four wall.  OUCH!  Justin walked away uninjured.

WXRX radio personality Jim Stone addresses the crowd on hand with track announcer Eric Huenefeld.

Race fans vote by their applauds for the best appearing race car.  Jim Stone waves the checker flag over the winners car.

A field of 50 cars readies themselves for the start of the 200 lap WXRX enduro.
Two laps into the event this drivers found himself upside down bring out the red flag stopping the race as safety crew members come to his aid.  Uninjured he was able to continue racing 

Jay Orr # 18, Milwaukee, Wis., wins his second enduro race in the past 10 years coming to Rockford Speedway.

LaSalle Speedway - Thaw Brawl

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 4, 2015
Bobby Pierce Jr. won the ALMS-sanctioned 'Thaw Brawl' at LaSalle Speedway on Saturday night.
Frank Heckenast Jr. (99jr) and Billy Moyer (21)

Tim McCreadie (39) and Brian Shirley (3s)

Chris Simpson (32) and Rich Bell (21b)

Ricky Weiss (7) and Brian Shirley (3s)

Ricky Weiss (7), Bobby Pierce Jr. (32) and Brian Shirley (3s) battle for position in the early going.

Brian Shirley (3s) and Jared Landers (777)

Ricky Weiss (7) and Bobby Pierce Jr. (32)

Jason Fegers (25) and Chris Simpson (32)

Rusty Schlenk (91s) and Mike Spatola (89)

Bobby Pierce Jr. en route to a $15,000 payday

Chris Simpson (32) and Frank Heckenast Jr. (99jr)

April 2, 2015

Brownstown Speedway - Indiana Icebreaker

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
March 21, 2015
Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL., won his third career Indiana Icebreaker at Brownstown Speedway on March 21.
The cars and stars of the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models Series charge down the front straightaway.

Jimmy Owens (20) and Don O'Neal (5)

Steve Casebolt (c9) and Eddie Carrier Jr. (28)

Earl Pearson Jr. en route to a $10,000 pay check

Jimmy Owens (20) and Scott Bloomquist (0)

Up and coming star Devin Moran would take the show spot

Steve Francis (15) and Mike Marlar (157)

Jonathan Davenport (6) and Tim McCreadie (39)

"Black Sunshine" took runner-up honors

Chris Simpson secured a top-10 finish