May 11, 2014

Jackson County Speedway - CBC/MLRA

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Travis Dickes celebrates his first career CBC/MLRA victory at Maquoketa
Brady Smith

Brandon Sheppard (b5) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)

Brian Birkhofer

Chad Simpson (25) and Brad Looney (14)

Chad Simpson

Chris Simpson

Jake Meier (20), Justin Reed (1st) and Jeremy Payne (186)

John Anderson (21x) and Jeremy Payne (186)

Jordan Yaggy (77) and Dave Eckrich (58)

Justin Kay (15k) and Jeremy Payne (186)

Travis Dickes (6) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)

Travis Dickes en route to his first career CBC/MLRA win