May 23, 2014

Cedar County Raceway - USMTS/Late Models

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
New Mexico's Stormy Scott won the USMTS 40-lapper at Tipton on Wednesday night.
Andy Eckrich won the 20-lap main event for IMCA-type late models
Zack Vanderbeek

Dylan Smith (95), Kelly Shryock (3) and Brad Dierks (29d)

Brian Harris (15r), Spencer Dierks (29), and Justin Kay (15k) 

Family Feud; Stormy Scott (2s) vs. Johnny Scott (1st)

Dylan Smith (95) and Kurt Kile (77)

Stormy Scott scored his fourth USMTS victory of the season

Local favorite Brad Dierks notched a top-10 finish at Tipton

Rodney "Satch" Sanders

Daniel Hilsabeck (22d) and Brad Dierks (29d)

Daniel Hilsbeck (22d), Dylan Smith (95) and Kurt Kile (77) make it three-wide

Dereck Ramirez

Andy Eckrich tames the quarter-mile at Tipton