September 1, 2013

34 Raceway - USAC Sprint Cars

Photos Courtesy of John Vass
Dave Darland won his third USAC feature in a row as dominated the 30-lapper at 34 Raceway on Friday night, August 30th.
Chris Windom works the low side to get by Kevin Thomas for position early in the feature at 34 Raceway.
Brady Bacon looked like the man to beat at 34 Raceway Friday night before having a right rear axle break and ruin his race.
Bryan Clauson drove Tony Stewart's USAC sprinter to third place finish at 34 Raceway.
Chris Windom brought this nice looking piece home in second place.
Dave Darland on his way to winning the 30-lap UASC feature at the 34 Raceway.
Bryan Clauson goes low to get by Justin Grant for third place during the 30-lap feature for USAC sprint cars at 34 Raceway.