July 6, 2013

Davenport Speedway - Deery Bros. Summer Series

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Justin Kay of Wheatland, Iowa, scored his second straight Deery Brothers Summer Series victory, winning the 50-lap feature at Davenport, Iowa.
Andy Eckrich (56) and Brian Harris (15r)
Todd Malmstrom (75) and Jeff Aikey (77)
Ray Guss Jr. (58) and Gary Webb (11)
Andy Eckrich (56) and Stephan Kammerer (77)
Justin Kay (15k) and Andy Eckrich (56)
Darrel DeFrance (99d) and Gary Webb (11)
Brian Harris (15r) and Stephan Kammerer (77)
Denny Eckrich (50) and Joe Zrostlik (50z)
Justin Kay in action