June 17, 2012

Benton County Speedway - Mid-Season Championships

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy

Brian Happel - IMCA Hobby Stock

Racer Hulin - IMCA SportMod

Travis Brown - IMCA Modified

Corey Tharp - IMCA Stock Car

Tony Snyder - IMCA Modified

Damon Murty (99) and John Emerson (87) battle for position in the IMCA Stock Car heat

Mike Burbridge - IMCA Modified

SportMod Mosh Pit

Danny Dvorak - IMCA SportMod

Scottie Pippert (47) goes low in attempt to pass Brian Happel (46) on the final lap of the IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Happel would hold on and win by a couple of feet. 

Jacob Keiser - IMCA Hobby Stock

Scott Hogan - IMCA Modified

Jason DeShaw - IMCA Stock Car

Sam Wieben - IMCA SportMod

Brian Happel celebrates his IMCA Hobby Stock victory with family and friends 

Racer Hulin scored the IMCA SportMod win 

Jay Schmidt - IMCA Stock Car

Phil Holtz - IMCA Stock Car

Jim Buhlman - IMCA SportMod

Norman Chesmore won a hard fought IMCA Stock Car contest

Mike Galli - IMCA Stock Car

Jim Lynch - IMCA Stock Car

Mike Burbridge grabbed IMCA Modified feature honors

Justin Stander - IMCA Hobby Stock

Matt McCahen (63) and Tom Rawlins (T17) battle in the IMCA SportMod feature

Matt Brown - IMCA Hobby Stock

Mike Burbridge (11B) and Ronn Lauritzen (10K) battle early on in the IMCA Modified main event