June 10, 2012

Adams County Speedway - SLMR Special

Billy Leighton Jr. - SLMR

Tony Hardisty - Pro Stock

Brad Derry - Pro Stock

Tom Myers (7) and Derek Pellman (71) battle for position in Hobby Stock heat action

Brian Foote - Modified

Todd Van Eaton - Modified

Chris Spieker (56) and Justin Cooper (10c) duke it out during SLMR heat action

Steve Reetz (80) and Jerod Weston (86j) are neck and neck duing B-Modified action

Cody Clark - Pro Stock

Scott Koskovich - SLMR

Corey Zeitner - SLMR

Rick Ritchie - Hobby Stock

Craig Preble - SLMR

Eric Hanna (13H) and Larry Foote prepare to drop the hammer at the start of the Modified heat

Mike Marushak - SLMR

"Fast" Freddie Miller - SLMR

Mike Collins - SLMR

Jared Miller - B-Modified

Kirby Stiens - Modified

Justin Zeitner - SLMR

Jason Hobscheidt - SLMR

Jason O' Brien wins his first career SMLR race at Adams County Speedway

JC Wyman - SLMR

John Davis - Modified

Joe Zadina - Pro Stock

Leon "Lightnin" Zeitner - SLMR

Jesse Dennis grabbed Modified feature honors

Paul Glendenning - SLMR