August 29, 2018

I-80 Speedway/Bill Smith Memorial

Photos Courtesy of Chris Eiel
August 24, 2018
Jake Bubak of Arvada, CO, won the 360 Sprint Car feature. He's interviewed in victory lane after the win.
Chuck Madden Jr., take the checkers in the Hobby Stock main event.

Cody Ledger completes hot laps.

Don Droud Jr. and Tim Fricke in the pits.

Jack Dover placed third in the 360 Sprint Car A-main.

Ron Tex Jr. # 8TEX and Cody Thompson #25C

Mike Nichols #63, Matt Boucher #5B and Eric Rempel #21

Clint Benson's sprinter gets some adjustments.

The sprint cars of Bobby Becker and Tyler Drueke.

Ryan Leavitt is up in smoke...

Jake Bubak shows off his winning form.

Jesse Dennis of Corning, IA, was the A-Modified feature winner.