June 28, 2017

I-80 Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Chris Eiel
June 23, 2017
Justin Bell (8), Shawn Harker (40), Eric Wolf (97w), and Kevin Wagner (10)

Scott Carlson (88) and Jake McCloud (40)

Clint Homan

Devyn Peterson

Shawn Harker (40), Eric Wolf (97w), and Kevin Kloke (35)

J.C. Wyman

Brian Kosiski (52) and Melvin Zeitner (26)

Melvin Zeitner

Don Mohr (24), Dan Jackson (3), and Scott Anderson (75)

Brian Perdue (01), Matthew Andrews (81A), and Rodney Stopak (1RS)

Corey Zeitner (26JR) and Jesse Sobbing (99)
Nick Woodward (31), Daniel Hoevet (53c), Eric Rempel (21), Kyle Dumpert (25), and Nick Steier(8)

June 25, 2017

Fairbury American Legion Speedway/UMP Summer Nationals

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
June 24, 2017
Shannon Babb of Moweaqua, IL, led all 50 circuits, winning the UMP Summer Nationals main event on Saturday night.  
Dennis Erb Jr. #28 and Bobby Pierce Jr. #32

Billy Moyer Jr. #21JR and McKay Wegner #42

Jeremiah Hurst #58 and Jason Feger #25

McKay Wegner #42 and Brent Larson #B1

Matt Furman

Brent Larson

Dennis Erb Jr.

Michael Kloos #6K and Matt Furman #51

Chris Simpson

Mike Spatola #89 and Ryan Unzicker #24

Bobby Pierce Jr. #32 and Chris Simpson #32

Scott Bull #83 and Matt Furman #51

Bobby Pierce Jr. #32 and Jason Feger #25

Billy Moyer Jr.
Gordy Gundaker #11and Tim Manville #33

Shannon Babb #18 and Dennis Erb Jr. #28

Independence Motor Speedway/Mid-Season Championships

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
June 25, 2017
Oelwein, Iowa's Benji Irvine won an exciting IMCA Hobby Stock feature.

Cole Mather of Fairbank, IA, won the IMCA Stock Car main event.

Cole Mather

Benji Irvine #79 takes to the highside of the track to pass Daniel Wauters #09 on the last lap to win a Hobby Stock thriller.

Darin Duffy

Jarrod Weepie

Jason Doyle of Marion, IA, led from start to finish in winning the IMCA SportMod feature.

"Rookie" Jeff Aikey of Cedar Falls, IA, scored his first-ever IMCA Modified win.

Jeff Aikey

Jeff Waterman

Joe Provinzino made the long haul from Minnesota to win the Indee Cars feature.

Rory Metcalf

Luke Pestka #99, John Emerson #87 and Darren Ackerman #53

Ronn Lauritzen #10K, Darin Duffy #19D, and Adam Johnson #24R

Ronn Lauritzen

Jon Passick

Russell Damme Jr #4R and Paul Shephard #31S

Scooter Dulin

Sean Johnson

Travis Smock earned his first IMCA Late Model feature win of the season.

June 24, 2017

Hawkeye Downs Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
June 23, 2017
NASCAR Xfinity star Joey Gase of Cedar Rapids, IA, made his return home a successful one as he scored the Late Model feature win.
Austin Slabaugh #6 and Sammy Smith #12

Bobby Guknecht

Brad Osborn

Brady Fox-Rhode of Loretto, MN., was #1 after winning the Legends' 25-lap main event

Braxton Franks #8 held off Kurt Bohnsack #4 and Gerald Hall #88 to win an exciting Hobby Stock feature.
Braxton Franks of Cedar Rapids, IA, celebrates his first Hobby Stock feature victory with family and friends.
Braxton Franks

Brian Gibson

Chad Siems

Dallas Chandler

Dan Glister

Dave McCalla

Derek Parrott of Marion, IA, won the Hornet feature.

Ethan Parrott

Jeremy Floyd

Kenny Potter

Kevin Korsmo

Landry Potter #57 and Cory Houdek #19

Logan Clausen #24 and Jim Hanson #07

Mark Greb

Quinn O’Brien

Rick Corso of McHenry, IL., made it a clean sweep in the Mid-American Stock Car Series program, setting fast time, winning his heat and the 40-laap feature.
Scott Siems

Troy Scott #44, Derek Parrott #01 and Lucas Foster #76 fight for the lead in the early going of the Hornet feature.