May 11, 2015

34 Raceway - CBC/MARS - Brent Slocum Memorial

Photos courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 18, 2015
Ryan Unzicker celebrates after winning the Brent Slocum Memorial late model special in Burlington, IA
Ryan Unzicker

Billy Moyer (21) and Tony Jackson Jr. (56)

Justin Reed (1st), Chris Simpson (32) and Ryan Gustin (19r)

Mark Burgtorf (33b) and Tony Jackson Jr. (56)

Chad Simpson (25) and Tim Manville (33m)

Ryan Unzicker (24u) and Tony Jackson Jr. (56)

Jason Utter (31) and Justin Reed (1st)

Chris Simpson (32) and Mark Burgtorf (33b)

Jason Utter (31) and Chad Simpson (25)

Garrett Alberson (f5), Justin Reed (1st) and Tim Manville (33m)

May 6, 2015

Davenport Speedway - CBC/MARS - Rebel 5K

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 17, 2015
Chad Simpson waves to the crowd after winning the MARS/CBC Rebel 5K at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds' half-mile.
Ray Guss Jr. (58) and Chad Simpson (25)

Jason Utter (31) and Ray Gustin (19r)

Brandon McCormick (42) and Chris Simpson (32)

Justin Asplin (77a) and Spencer Diercks (29)

Ray Guss Jr.

Skip Frey (3x) and Brandon McCormick (42) 

Billy Moyer (21) and Terry Phillips (75)

Rodney Sanders (20) and Jesse Stovall (00)

Jason Utter

Rodney Sanders (20) and Ryan Unzicker (24)

Ryan Unzicker

Chad Simpson takes the checkers!