April 12, 2015

West Liberty Raceway - Deery Bros. Summer Series

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 11, 2015
Justin Kay won the Deery Brothers Summer Series 40-lapper at West Liberty Raceway on Saturday night. Flagman Grant Oskvig presents the checkers.
Four-wide salute to the fans

Brian Harris (15r) and Jason Rauen (98)

Andy Nezworski (7) and Ron Boyse (74)

Johnathan Brauns (22b) and Justin Kay (15k)

Nebraska's Cory Zeitner secured a top-10 finish

Colby Springsteen (38) and Jeff Aikey (77)

Andy Eckrich (56) and Ron Boyse (74)

Brian Harris (15k) and Jeff Tharp (10t)

Justin Kay (15k) and Jeff Aikey (77)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Justin Kay (15k)

Brian Harris (15r) and Johnathan Brauns (22b)

Scott Fitzpatrick made an impressive run to finish in the runner-up spot