April 12, 2015

Davenport Speedway - Rebel 5K

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
April 10, 2015
Justin Kay of Wheatland, IA, took home the $5,000 winner's share after a decisive victory at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on Friday night.
Rob Moss (1m), Joel Callahan (40), and Kevin Kile (88)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Justin Kay (15k)

Matt Ryan (07) and Curt Martin (45)

Denny Eckrich (50) and Ray Guss Jr. (58)

Joe Zrostlik (50z) and Justin Kay (15k)

Matt Ryan (07) and Justin Kay (15k)

Tyler Droste 31) and Jason Rauen (98)

Todd Malmstrom (75m) and Andy Nezworski (7)

Andy Eckrich (56) and Andy Nezworski (7)

Nate Bruening (46), Richie Gustin (19g), and Jeff Aikey (77)

Scott Fitzpatrick (24) and Jason Rauen (98)

Curt Martin (45) and Ray Guss Jr. (58)