January 20, 2015

USA Raceway - Wild West Shootout

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
January 17, 2015
The "Newport Nightmare" Jimmy Owens, won the Late Model A-main on Saturday night.
Rodney Sanders of Happy, Texas, won his second USRA Modified feature of the week.
Scott Bintz of Jamestown, N.D., pulled the hat trick in the X-Mod division.
Jake Gallardo (j17) and Rodney Sanders (20)

Gallardo and Sanders go side-by-side for the top spot

Ryan Gustin (r19), Brad Diercks (29d) and Mike Stearns (24s)

Ron Schreiner (597 and Chad Olsen (10c)

Jason Papich

Jimmy Mars (28) and Stormy Scott (2s) battle for runner-up honors

Jimmy Mars (28) and Jason Krohn (7k)

A.J. Diemel (58) and Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr)

Terry Phillips (75) and Anthony Burroughs (1)

A Battle of the Billy Moyers

Chris Simpson (32) and Jake O'Neil (0)

Donny Schatz (15s) and Jimmy Owens (20)

Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr) and Rodney Sanders (20)

Billy Moyer (21) and Ricky Weiss (7)

Modified standout Stormy Scott raced to a solid runner-up finish in the Late Model feature