January 20, 2015

USA Raceway - Wild West Shootout

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
January 16, 2015
Darrell Lanigan extended his Wild West Shootout point's lead with his second Late Model feature win.
Alex Stadford (98) and Alex Stearns (24s)

Fito Gallardo (g17) and Royal Jones (131)

Brad Diercks (29d) and Joey Moriarty (51)

Ryan Gustin (r19) chases down Grant Junghans (2)

Garrett Alberson (43) and Jason Krohn (7k)

Jake O'Neil (0) and Don Shaw (42s)

Billy Moyer Jr. (21r) and Jimmy Owens (20)

Ronny Hollingsworth (18) and Darrell Lanigan (f5)

Clay Daly (32b) and A.J. Diemel (58)

Rodney Sanders (20) and Billy Moyer (21)

Stormy Scott (2s) and Jason Krohn (7k)

Garrett Alberson (43) and Billy Moyer (21)

Tony Jackson Jr. (56) and A.J. Diemel (58)

Ryan Gustin (r19) and Clay Daly (32b)
Rodney Sanders was the USRA Modified feature winner on Friday night

Scott Bintz scored his second X-Mod feature win of the week