September 26, 2014

Davenport Speedway - Deery Bros. Summer Series

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Justin Kay of Wheatland, IA, won the 35-lap Deery Brothers Summer Series event at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on September 20.
Colby Springsteen (38) and Jason Rauen (98)

Brunson Behning

Todd Cooney (30) and Charlie McKenna (22)

Jason Rauen (98) and Deny Eckrich (50)

Brian Harris

Brian Harris (15r), Colby Springsteen (38) and Jason Rauen (98)

Joel Callahan (40) and Jeff Aikey (77)

Ryan Dolan (51) and Todd Cooney (30)

Justin Kay (15k) and Andy Eckrich (56)

Justin Kay en route to his fifth Deery Series win of the season

Andy Eckrich (56) and Brian Harris (15r)

Brunson Behning (37b) and Denny Eckrich (50)