August 2, 2014

Farley Speedway - Tri-Track Challenge

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
Denny Eckrich is joined by his children in victory lane after winning the 40-lap IMCA Late Model feature at Farley Speedway on Friday, August 1.
Austin Heacock

Austin Moyer won the IMCA SportMod main event

Becky Roth

Bobby Moyer

'Chargin' Charlie McKenna

Dan Shelliam

Ben Seeman
Andy Eckrich

Not just fast....but 'Flat Out Fast'

Jeff Tharp had a fine run and took runner-up honors

Joel Callahan

Luke 'Go Go' Goedert
Eric McDonough (11) and Jamie Whitaker (25)

Where the hell is Hurley?

Jason Doyle

Jason Roth

Jeff Aikey

Denny Eckrich (50) makes the winning pass on Jeff Tharp (10t) in the IMCA Late Model contest.

Jeremy Grady

Jerry Luloff
John Campbell

Justin Kay

Justin Lichty made it look easy in winning the IMCA Hobby Stock feature

Keith Pittman

Mark Schulte

Matt Gansen (2g) and Zach Less (20l) battle for position during the Modified feature

Michael Manson

Nick Marolf (33) and Dan Shelliam (16)

Nick Marolf (33) and Jeff Tharp (10t) fight for the top spot in the early stages of the 40-lapper.

Ron Klein

IMCA SportMod Action

Tanner Allen

Thank You Evelyn!

Troy Cordes (71) attempts to hold off a hard-charging Matt Gansen (2g) during the Modified main event.

Troy Cordes

Tyler Bruening