August 20, 2014

Cedar County Raceway - Deery Bros./Hawkeye Dirt Tour

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy
Justin Kay won the Deery Brothers IMCA Late Model feature in Tipton, IA, on Tuesday night.
Glenwood, Iowa's Jesse Sobbing made the long haul pay off as he won the Hawkeye Dirt Tour for IMCA Modifieds at Cedar County Raceway.
Brian Beaudry

Ben Chapman (1jr), Riche Gustin (19g), Nick Nevins (22) and Doug Nigh (15k)

Bryan Webb

Brian Beaudry (18) and Brunson Behning (37b)

Ronn Lauritzen (10k) and Craig Crawford (29)

Charlie McKenna

David Brandies

Denny Eckrich

Doug Nigh

David Brandies went home $400 richer after winning the IMCA Stock Car main event.

Brad Diercks (29d) and Darin Duffy (19d)

John Emerson

Justin Kay

Jeremy Mills (10m) and Dan Chapman (1)

Jesse Sobbing

Jeff Waterman

Johnny Walker

Justin Rix

Milo Veloz (v) and Bruce Hanford (61)

Nick Nevins

Terry Neal (12n) and Stephan Krammerer (77)

Scott Fitzpatrick

Sam Halstead

IMCA Modified B-main action

Tyler Bruening

Terry Neal

Mike VanGendren (57v) and Dan Chapman (1)