July 1, 2014

Rockford Speedway - Star Spangled 76

Photos Courtesy of Jim Ambruoso
Deanna Chandler, # 6 Machesney Park, IL returned to victory lane and is all smiles.

Jon Reynolds Jr, Driver 'X' takes the lead away from Jake Gille, # 50 Machesney Park, IL in his quest to win the NASCAR Late Model 76-lap feature.

Coming from the last position in the starting field Jon Reynolds, # 'X' Rockford, IL crosses the finish line with his hand up in victory.

Jon Reynolds pictured with Rockford Speedway CEO Jody Derry and Rod Gilley from Gilley's Heating and Cooling in victory lane.

Jody Derry fans out $1,100 to Jon Reynolds for winning the Gerber Collision Challenge by coming from the last starting position in the 20-car field to win the race.

Gene Macrocco, # 98 Rockford, IL with crew member in victory lane after winning the NASCAR 30-lap RoadRunner feature.

Being credited as Mid-Season Champion in the NASCAR Sportsman division is # 71 Pat Featherston, Byron, IL 
Car owner Les Wagner and Kelly Evink, # 55 is the NASCAR American Short Tracker Mid Season Champion.

Alex Papini # 39 Machesney Park, IL poses with his crew as he makes his claim as Mid-Season NASCAR Late Model Champion.