July 9, 2014

Rockford Speedway (July 4)

Photos Courtesy of Jim Ambruoso
NASCAR American Short Trackers went three wide into turn four as # 2 of Brad Henrey. Machesney Park, IL takes the low groove to work his way past the field. 

Doug Rose with 'the 'Green Mamba' once again impresses the crowd with his test burn fire show during the July 4th program.

George Sparkman Rockford Speedway's 2011 American Short Tracker Champion adds to his credit of feature wins by claiming the win for the American Short Trackers 25-lap  feature.

Prior to out of car introductions drivers from the NASCAR Sportsman pose for a starting field photo. 

Chad Smith # 82 Rockford, IL breaks loose  and spins out while challenging # 6 Deanna Chandler, Machesney Park, IL.

Johnny Robinson II # 99 out lasts the field to win the NASCAR Sportsman 25-lap feature.  Picture with Robinson is Rockford Speedway's starter Jeff Stringer.

Dennis Smith # 62 continue his hot streak by winning another feature in the RoadRunner division.