July 4, 2014

LaSalle Speedway - UMP Summer Nationals

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Brian Birkhofer waves to the large crowd after winning the UMP Summer Nationals feature at LaSalle Speedway on Thursday evening.
The Pits

Brian Birkhofer collected $5,000 for his hard-fought victory

Four-wide salute to the LaSalle capacity crowd

Chris Simpson (32) and Mike Spatola (89)

Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Ryan Unzicker (24) battle for the top spot

Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jason Feger (25)

Brandon Sheppard (b5) and Scott Schmitt (10s)

RyanUnzicker (24) and Jason Feger (25)

Bobby Pierce Jr. took the show position at LaSalle

Frank Heckenast Jr.(99jr) and Brian Shirley (81)

Scott Bull (83) and Shannon Babb (18)

Scott Schmitt (10s) and Billy Moyer Jr.(21jr)

Michigan's Curtis Roberts garnered a top-five finish in the main event