July 29, 2014

Lafayette County Speedway - Corn Belt Clash

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Chad Simpson receives a hug from his daughter after winning the Corn Belt Clash feature at Darlington, WI., on Saturday, July 27.
Spencer Diercks (29d) and Chad Simpson (25)

Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr) and Jason Utter (31)

Chad Simpson en route to another CBC victory

The legendary Gary Webb (56w) and Greg Wagner (79w)

Chad Simpson (25) and Paul Parker (10p)

Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr) and Chad Simpson (25) duel for the top spot

Dave Eckrich (58) and Billy Moyer Jr. (21jr)

Bob Cullen (8) and David Fiber (24)

The Parker Boys; Pete (10) and Paul (10p)