July 29, 2014

Cedar County Raceway - Corn Belt Clash

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Jason Utter of Columbus Junction, IA, won the Corn Belt Clash feature at Cedar County Raceway on Friday, July 25.
Mark Rose (28r) and Brunson Behning (37b)

Jason Utter collected $3,000 for the victory

Jason Jaggers (32j) and Dave Eckrich (58)

Chad Simpson (25) and Justin Kay (15k)

Chad Simpson (25) is stalked by eventual winner Jason Utter (31) in the closing laps.

Battle of Bro's: Dave Eckrich (58) ad Denny Eckrich (50)

Spencer Diercks (29d) and Jason Utter (31)
Jake Meier

Denny Eckrich (50) and Justin Kay (15k)