April 1, 2014

LaSalle Speedway - Thaw Brawl

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Dennis Erb Jr. won the 3rd annual "Thaw Brawl" at LaSalle Speedway on Saturday, March 29
Brian Shirley (81) and Ryan Unzicker (24u)

Dennis Erb Jr. collected $15,000 in winning the "Thaw Brawl"

Jason Feger (25) and Kevin Weaver (b12)

Jason Riggs (81jr) and Ryan Unzicker (24u)

Matt Furman (51) and Ryan Unzicker (24u)

McKay Wegner (42) and Jason Feger (25)

McKay Wegner (42) and Rusty Schlenk (91)

Rusty Schlenk (91) and Bobby Pierce (32)

Rusty Schlenk (91) and Devin Moran (99m)

Scott Bloomquist (0) and Jason Feger (25)

Scott Bloomquist (0) and Ryan Unzicker (24u)