April 21, 2014

Davenport Speedway - CBC/Mars Challenge

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Jason Feger took top honors at the Corn Belt Clash/MARS Challenge at Davenport Speedway on Friday night.
Will Vaught (1v) and A. J. Diemel (58d)

Kyle Looney (14l) and Tony Jackson Jr. (56)

Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jason Feger (25)

Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jimmy Mars (28)

Chris Simpson (25) and Jason Utter (31)

Chad Simpson

Dave Eckrich (58) and Mike Fryar (5m)

Four-Wide Parade Lap

Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jason Feger (25)

Ryan Gustin (19r) and A.J. Diemel (58d)
Terry Phillips (75) and Denny Eckrich (50)
Brian Birkhofer

"The Highside Hustler"

Jason Utter

Jesse Stovall

Jimmy Mars

Ryan Gustin