September 6, 2013

Eldora Speedway - World 100 - Thursday

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Jeep Van Wormer won the first of two 25-lap qualifying features

Shane Clanton was feature winner #2 on Thursday night
Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Kent Robinson (7r)
Vicksburg, Mississippi's Bub McCool
Chris Madden (44) and Brandon Sheppard (b5)
Don O'Neal (71) and Dale McDowell (17m)
Michigan's Jeep Van Wormer en route to a $5,000 payday
A Big 10 matchup; Jimmy Mars (28) and Brandon Sheppard  (b5)
R.J. Conley (71c) and Matt Miller (3)
The Georgia Bulldog, Shane Clanton, came from his 7th starting position to win $5,000