August 7, 2013

West Liberty Raceway - Tornado Tuesday

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Jason Utter celebrates his $10,000 victory at West Liberty
Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jason Utter (31)
Greg Satterlee (22) and Charlie McKenna (22)
Brian Harris (15r) and Dave Eckrich (58e)
Dave Eckrich
Clay Fisher (99) and Justin Kay (15k)
Chad Simpson (25) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)
Don O'Neal
Charlie McKenna (22) and Tyler Bruening (16)
Jason Rauen (98) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)
Jason Utter en route to the biggest payday of his career
Greg Satterlee (22) and Charlie McKenna (22)
Ray Guss Jr. (58) and Jay Johnson (93)
Jake Meier (20) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)
 Jason Utter is joined by the Coors trophy girls in victory lane