July 28, 2013

Lafayette County Speedway - Corn Belt Clash

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Dave Eckrich of Cosgrove, Iowa, earned the $3,000 payday in Darlington, Wis.
Dave Eckrich takes the checkered flag, winning the Corn Belt Clash feature
Rick Wendling (78) and Mike Fryer (5m)
Bob Cullen (8) and Justin Mitchell (28x)
Justin Schmidt (97) and Jason Robbins (21r)
Mike Fryer
Jason Rauen (98) and Dave Eckrich (58)
Rick Wendling (78) and Jason Jaggers (32j)
Jason Rauen
Justin Ritchie (72) and Bob Cullen (8)
Jason Jaggers
Jason Rauen (98) and Dave Eckrich (58)