July 22, 2013

I-80 Speedway/Silver Dollar Nationals - Saturday

Photos Courtesy of Kyle Ealy

Jimmy Owens celebrates with his son after winning the Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 Speedway.

Ryan Gustin of Marshalltown, IA, was the talk of the weekend, with his drive from 34th to 1st before tagging the wall  midway through the contest.

Tony Jackson Jr. impressed everyone with a solid runner-up finish in the 80-lapper.

Bill Leighton Jr.

Zack Vanderbeek (33z) and Jordan Grabouski (30)

Billy Moyer

Tyler Reddick

Jeremy Rasmussen (31j) and Johnny Scott (1st)

Chad Simpson

Terry Phillips

Chris Simpson

Stormy Scott

Austrailia's Craig Vosbergen

Rodney Sanders of Happy, TX, won the 35-lap USMT main event on Saturday night, sweeping the weekend.

Dennis Erb Jr.

Kyle Nordquist

Denny Eckrich

Kelly Shryock (3) and Chris Spieker (56)

Don O'Neal

Keenan Nordquist

USMTS Heat Action

Jordan Grabouski (30) and Tim Murty (99m)

Jake Neal (1) and Jesse Dennis (70)

Johnny Bone Jr.

Jared Landers (5) and Mike Marlar (5b)

Jimmy Owens enroute to a $27,000 payday

Jason Hughes (12) and Johnny Scott (1st)

Jeff Conner

Jason O'Brien

Jason Krohn won the Non-Qualifiers Bash

"The Newport Nightmare"