Silver Dollar Nationals

May 12, 2013

LaSalle Speedway - Spring Shootout

Photos Courtesy of Mke Ruefer
Brady Smith gives the thumbs up after winning at LaSalle
Shannon Babb (18) and AJ Diemel (58)
Bobby Pierce Jr. (32) and Brandon Sheppard (B5)
Jimmy Mars (2) and Brady Smith (28)
Four-Wide Parade Lap
Brian Birkhofer (15b) and Jimmy Owens (20)
Eddie Carrier (28) and Jimmy Owens (20)

Chris Simpson (32) and John Blankenship (23)
Don O'Neal (71) and Randy Korte (81)
Earl Pearson Jr. (44) and Ray Guss Jr. (58)
Don O'Neal (71) and Chris Simpson (32)