March 31, 2013

Thaw Brawl - LaSalle Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Brian Birkhofer grabbed $10,000 in winning the Spring Thaw at LaSalle
Billy Drake (75) and Dennis Erb Jr (28)
Kevin Weaver (B12) and Jesse Stovall (00)
Billy Drake (75) and Jimmy Mars (28)
Chris Simpson (32) and Brian Birkhofer (15b)
Brian Birkhofer in action
Chris Simpson (32) and Brandon Sheppard (B5)
Three-Wide; Chris Simpson (32), Austin Hubbard (11), and Brian Birkhofer (15b)

March 26, 2013

ASCS Sprints - Devil's Bowl Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Joe Orth
Kyle Bellm won the 25-lap ASCS National Sprint Tour feature
Martin Edwards
Brad Loyet
Zach Pringle
Danny Wood
Sean McClelland
Evan Pardo
Ryan Kitchen (21k) and Jon Agan (4)
Johnny Herrera
Kolt Walker
Lucas Wolfe

March 24, 2013

Indiana Icebreaker - Brownstown Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Mike Ruefer
Dennis Erb Jr. celebrates his $10,000 victory
Dennis Erb Jr.
Josh McGuire (41) and Steve Francis (15)
Bobby Pierce Jr.
Jimmy Owens (20) and Josh Richards (1)
Bobby Pierce Jr. set fast time in Group A
Four-Wide Parade Lap
Don O'Neal (71) and Greg Johnson (15j)

March 18, 2013

Spring Nationals - Beatrice Speedway

Photos Courtesy of Joe Orth
Nick Roberts Jr. - Saturday Night IMCA SportMod Winner
Jesse Sobbing - Saturday Night IMCA Modified Winner
Devin Smith - Saturday Night IMCA Hobby Stock Winner



Tyler Frye - Friday Night IMCA SportMod Winner
Lance Borgman - Friday & Saturday IMCA Stock Car Winner
Dylan Smith Friday Night IMCA Modified Winner