October 29, 2012

The Post of the Year

From HoseHeads.com....

Here is what I have learned from the many informative minds on the Hoseheads forum in 2012:

1. Kyle Larson sucks. The kid has been handed ride, after ride, after ride. Parents are 3rd on the Forbes billionaires list behind only Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. And then, just when we think the sky is the limit, he can't even win in Pennsylvania. Close up shop, the party is over. Which leads into my next point:

2. If you want to someday achieve the status as one of the greatest drivers in the world, you MUST win races in Pennsylvania. I have had many spirited debates about who is the greatest of all time. Foyt, Andretti, Senna, Schumacher. Well, the answer is simple. AJ Foyt has 4 wins at Williams Grove. This puts him in a solid 3rd place amongst the list of greatest drivers of all time behind only Ed Lynch Jr. and Greg Hodnett. Senna and Shumacher fall off the list. Jimmie Johnson skyrockets to 7th because of a win in Pocono 2004. (though not exactly a Posse track, he is at least in the same state as greatness)

3. Goodyear builds the worlds only tire in the world that could possibly explode while being wrenched around a track with debris on it and 900 h.p. tearing into it. Thank God we will be saying farewell to them and returning to tires that are not rubber or filled with air. This will eliminate the late race blowout that could cost our favorite driver a victory. Until Goodyear was made the official tire of the Knoxville Nationals a few years back, it was nice to have a race where no one blew a tire.

4. Danica Patrick's car is owned by Nascar. I read it on this forum first! I thought Tony Stewart and Dale Jr. owned her cars in an attempt to make money, but it turns out Nascar has given her all she needs to get going and it is a failed experiment. She cannot drive these cars. Lets face it, she's had a year now and is only in 10th in points in the nationwide series. On a similar note, Cody Darrah will require at least 3 more years to get familiar with a style of car he has been running for most of his life.

5. Steve Kinser has always sucked. I did not realize until I read it here that Kinser was nothing more than a bi-product of Karl Kinser. He simply rode the momentum for years, winning hundreds more races as the owner of his own team. And now? Can only win a handful of races a year. I thought it was because he was pushing 60 years old, but alas, he sucks and has always sucked. Sorry Steve, you just have not won enough races in Penn. for me to give you your dues.

6. Sammy Swindell is the only racer in the world that blames someone else for wrecks. Thank God we don't have to put up with that kind of crap at any track in the country except for the one Sammy is racing at. Most drivers instantly own up to their mistakes, and almost all drivers accept that it was just racing and go out for some beers and laughs with someone who just took them out of an event.

7. The World of Outlaws is a business. For years I thought they were a non-profit organization that roamed the country with money donated from the boxes sitting on the counter of Mcdonald's restaurants. Turns out, they want to make a profit. I would think they could find dozens of guys who can take 10 months off from work, drive up and down the highway and make the WOO run without the need for salaries. And ticket prices? WOOO! At a time when the price of gasoline, groceries, automobiles, clothing, and other entertainment have been in a steady, 20 year decline, the WOO just keeps raising prices. I just don't get it. Even though the events i attended this year were extremely packed, I would lower ticket prices in order to make a couple of cheap ass fans happy. Supply and demand do not apply when it comes to sprint car fans.

8. The Knoxville Nationals have been completely ruined by a fuel stop. Me and my buddies were just sitting around talking last night about this. Forget how much fun we have drinking beer, camping, playing bag, playing cards, eating great food, and watching night after night of awesome racing. That fuel stop has ruined my whole experience. That has to be the reason (not the economy) that the stands are only 75-80% full on Saturday night. I mean, you want to charge more each year for tickets AND give us bonus laps? Are you nuts. Keep your damn tickets. I'm going to a racetrack that cuts the feature in half!

9. The knoxville campground sucks. For some reason, the small patch of grass that I rent with power and water hookups is inferior to the same small patch of grass I rented 10 years ago. And don't even get me started on the price. Supply and demand should have nothing to do with rising prices. I don't want to pay more, so I shouldn't have to.

10. If speed channel ceases operation, the loss of Formula one coverage will be bad. (for some reason) Also, Speed should suck it up, and lose money showing nothing but sprint car races to the 1000's of us who would tune in.

Hope this clears up your 2012 racing season. If you didn't catch any sarcasm at all, I am not suprised.